About Us

Lotus 8 Villa

When we search for respite, what is it we are actually looking for? Is it perfection, with every detail exactly as we want and expect it to be? Or is it a deeper connection to the place we visit, experienced by immersing ourselves in the essence of that location--refined, enigmatic, and impossible to replicate?


At Villa Lotus8, the location is not simply an incidental backdrop. It is a rich environment of sophisticated cultures and traditions and stunning seasonal sights, sounds, and flavors--the essence that inspires the resort's every luxury and pleasure and enriches its contemporary comforts.

Visiting Villa Lotus8 is like entering an entirely new world, one that allows guests to discover delights they never imagined existed. It is a place of indulgences that constantly change and evolve, as the resort spreads its roots further into the location and deepens its connection to its unique setting.


Those in search of a place's essence will find it here.

Villa Lotus8 is also a place where you will be able to experience the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

With a rooftop yoga studio and a variety of daily classes you can explore the various benefits and pleasures that you can reap through yoga. The studio's emphasis lies on following the circle of nature through the five nature elements. 

As many people are living their lives in cities, where they might not even know if it is night or day, we have lost the connection to nature. We have lost the ability to perceive nature through our own five senses.  

Practising Yoga in our open yoga studio so close to nature will increase the self-healing power and serve as a catalyst to re-awaken your senses towards the beauty and healing power of nature. Of earth, wind, water and light and air.