The building made by Japanese architecture method which makes resistant to earthquakes and tsunamis. Combined with the modern and natural design concepts in a concrete and resistant materials. VL8 is in a strategic location 4 km from the beach and 40 meters above sea level, a safety tsunami area. Our hotel is a safe refuge on the third floor.

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Calm side 

of Canggu with amazing views

Villa Lotus 8 a heaven on earth because of its private and surrounded by vast rice fields, only 5 minutes from the beach and a couple of minutes from Pepitos and Frestive supermarkets, fancy and cozy restaurants, and spas. All our room have a comfortable and modern living room, WIFI, air-conditioned, ensuite bathrooms where you can enjoy the rice fields up close!


Tipi and Suistanable Eco-Chic Farm

Tipi and Suistanable Eco-Chic Farm

A comfy Tipi with fan, BBQ, bathtub, music and without mosquitos! An unique experience to spend a magical night alone, with your friend or your loved ones and have some fun. Solar panel generates the electricity. VL8 environmental responsibility is at the core of who we are, with smart eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Our commitment starts with construction and the use of LED lights, low water consumption toilets, water filtration, solar panels, avoid plastic if possible, compost organic waste and recycle the plastic waste. We produce vegetables without chimical and we invite to our guest to produce their own as well.



Equipped Kitchen Space

A Clean, Safe and Creative Cooking Space with a dinning area. Everything that you need to prepare your dishes and keep your food in a good condition.



Swimming pool

Colorful and safety swimming pool of 160 cm depth.

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Clean and hygiene bathtub

Equipped with a clean and hygiene bathtub in each room.




Provides a variety of Japanese Food.


Open -air

Yoga Shala

An open yoga shala with rice field views with capacity for 30 people, sound system, illumination and ceiling funs.

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