Our Mission and Vision

The Concept of Nature we believe in (or The Journey of connecting with The Nature).

For a system where emptiness is possible, it is also possible to have functionality, and since functionality is possible, emptiness is also possible. Dalai Lama said that when we talk about nature, the ultimate nature is emptiness. What is meant by emptiness? It is not the emptiness of existence but rather the emptiness of true or independent existence, which means that things exist by dependence upon other factors.


Whether it is the environment that is inhabited, or the inhabitants, both of them are composed of basic elements. These elements are earth, wind, fire, water and space. About space, in the Kalachakra tantra there is a mention of what is known as the atom of space, particles of space. So that forms the central force of the entire phenomenon. When the entire system of the universe first evolved, it evolved from this central force which is the particle of space, and also a system of universe and would dissolve eventually into this particle of the space. So it is on the basis of these five basic elements that there is a very close interrelation between the habitat that is the natural environment and inhabitants, the sentient beings living within it.


Although city living has its advantages but also disconnects us from nature. This disconnection from the nature is harming both the people and the nature. After all we have a symbiotic relationship with each other and this has now become severed.


In order to reclaim that connection we need to relearn what we have lost in just a few generations. We need to start off with the simple steps of getting to know our bodies, how they work and how we interact with ourselves, the space around us and then nature. Yoga connects us with all these different levels and then with nature. By developing our self-awareness of our body through yoga we explore how we are linked to the earth beneath us and the environment around us.


It has become our mission to guide our students and community through The Journey of Connecting with The Nature in a free space. Existing and practicing independently in the studio without being distracted by  fancy brands, famous names the attributes of attachment to tap into your Inner Self.

Nature elements unfold in a similar way, moving from subtle (space and air) to gross (water, earth). They are the constituent parts that come together to create our minds, our bodies in our yoga practice and our experience of living. And they provide a beautiful context for us to expand and enjoy it all.

All of the creation is made up of these elements in different proportions. The Human body is also the product of these elements in different proportions. 72% water, 12% earth, 6% air, 4% fire and the rest is space. Each element is responsible for different structures in the body. Earth forms solid structures such as teeth, nails, bones, muscles, skin, tissues, and hair. These give structure and strength to the body. Water forms saliva, urine, semen, blood, and sweat. Fire forms hunger, thirst, sleep, the vision in the eyes and complexion of skin. Air is responsible for all movement including expansion, contraction, vibration and suppression. Space is the most subtle of all elements and is present in the hollow cavities of the body in the form of radio frequencies, light radiation, cosmic rays, etc.

The Law of Nature demands these elements to be in balance.


So to honor our connection with everything around us, and bring us back to ourselves, back to the nature it's enlightening to explore each of the nature elements in our practice of yoga.


The Space

It is pure possibility and potential. It feels like stillness, freedom, and awareness.  Space is both a cause and the result of a blissful yoga practice (and life). It supports and fuels transformation by providing a place for the changes to happen. Creating space in your yoga practise is a matter of being present and aware of what you're holding in, up or onto – whether it is a thought, an emotion, or any form of tension and then allowing yourself to let it go.

The Air

It is movement, expansion and lightness. The breath in and out of the body, the opening and contraction of the muscles and the mind. The element of air gives us rhythm, grace, mobility and a sensation of mental and physical openness. Air fuels the body and stokes the fire of inspiration. 

Infusing air into your yoga comes from an awareness of the breath.  Pranayama or breath control is a great way to open and tap into the subtle channels of the body, clearing the way for ideas, inspiration, energy and love to flow.  As you move through life and your practice, notice how the breath feeds the body and mind. Breathe into the expansion and contraction of the muscles, joints, and connective and supportive tissues to create the sensation of lightness and openness.


The Fire

It is transformation, inspiration, passion. The fire in our practice is experienced as intensity and abundance. The heat and energy created is the result of the action, dedication and focus put into the practice.  Ultimately, our fire delivers purification. It creates insight that allows us to see and engage with what's important and burn the rest.

Lighting the fire in your yoga is about engaging bandhas, moving from center.  Fire lives in the belly our center of power, intuition and freedom. The use of our core muscles connects us to the spark at the center of who we are, and engaging the bandhas helps us keep the fire burning.


The Water

It is fluidity, connection, adaptability. It fuels our practice with compassion and resilience that return to us as fluid movement, supple muscles, steady joints, agile minds.

Bringing the water to your yoga means cultivating a softness in your practice (particularly in the joints), and nurturing a physical, mental and emotional sensitivity that favors response rather than reaction. It also means moving fluidly through your practice, synchronizing movement with breath, opening, feeling and yielding in a way that is powerful and sustaining.


The Earth

It is structure, foundation. It is the centered, grounded, and authentic expression of you and everything around you. Earth is the sensation that we want to return to, the physical stillness that creates mental and emotional stillness, and vice versa.

Cultivating the earth in your practice is about establishing your foundation (feet, hands, sit bones).  It’s about maintaining an awareness of how the state and position of these physical landmarks contribute to your overall experience of stability and ease.

The Nature Elements in Our Practice

Yoga is a practice that moves from subtle (a thought, feeling or intention) to gross (a movement in the body, or a physical action) and then back to subtle (bliss, freedom, enlightenment).

It's this beautiful dance of cause and effect that inhabits our entire consciousness.